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Framing the Land is a sculptural exploration of how we see and perceive the overlooked spaces of our surroundings. Often in our busy lives, we overlook the outdoor spaces that are right before our eyes. The metal frames in Framing the Land are a tool, similar to the lens of the camera or the structure of a canvas. They focus on the act of looking and experiencing to better understand the essence of a particular space. The frame also references a frame of mind, the space that focuses one’s thoughts. They provide a space to slow down…to look… and contemplate one’s immediate surroundings. The various sizes and heights of the metal frames are designed to facilitate a varied way of exploring a space. The metal frames are clad with reflective tape, the same tape used on traffic signs that reflect car headlights. This gives the piece a presence at night. At night, the groupings of frames are highlighted as a symbol and metaphor for the process of seeing, collecting, and amassing images of our surroundings.

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