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Framing the Land: An Edifice is a permeable greenhouse enclosure. A typical greenhouse provides shelter and protection from harsh outside conditions for the plants inside. By removing the protective barriers, the space becomes permeable. The grass and other plant life that grow outside the structure are the same that grow inside. Framing the Land: An Edifice questions the function of boundaries and distinctions in our world. It also functions as a frame, an outline suggesting where you should focus your attention. Often we forget to focus on the landscape that is right before us, the places that we encounter in our everyday life. Ordinary land spaces, such as this site, are often overlooked. We tend to focus our attention and efforts on national and state parks, preserved land, or land in conservation. We have created a hierarchy of spaces by privileging some land over others. Though these distinctions aren’t always obvious and apparent, once you begin to look, the more you see. Framing the Land: An Edifice relates to our understanding and perception of nature, how we think about land spaces, and how we treat the landscapes that we encounter every day.

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